About Me

André Oberholzer is a passionate about teaching languages. He has inspired senior business executives and private students with his broad knowledge of German and English for the past 25 years. 

Mastertalk - learn languages on a firm foundation

André Oberholzer has been teaching languages since 1989, offering a comprehensive range of options through a variety of language courses. The Mastertalk language school specialises in foreign language lessons for the employees of international companies within United Kingdom. I offer private and group lessons for beginners and advanced students in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Learn more about my various courses and teaching methods here. Any questions? I look forward to hearing from you!


I mainly offer one-to-one lessons for private individuals and the staff of international businesses. This increases my flexibility with regard to both content and timing. I work around the participants and their teaching needs. I believe in the importance of an enjoyable educational atmosphere, as this makes it easier to learn and process both the language and the cultural content.


As both General Manager and teacher, I can guarantee the high quality of your lessons. I have enjoyed a successful career as a language teacher since 1989, using the latest teaching materials for my classes. I can also prepare you to attain internationally-recognised qualifications.


The four main elements of speaking, reading, listening and writing will be weighted differently, depending on the aims of your course. However, I regard conversation as the cornerstone of a language, since it combines speaking, choice of words and an understanding of grammar.
The individually-designed teaching programme allows me to delve into my students’ different character traits and learning methods, and to pick them up at the point where they currently stand. My task is then to guide them to their learning goal.


I can help make sense of day to day life in United Kingdom and provide you with support during your integration stage.