Learn Business English correctly for your day to day work or start to learn using the well-known and highly successful "Headway" teaching materials.

From A1 for Beginners to BEC for Business English

Would you like to learn English, refresh your existing language skills or supplement them, e.g. with Business English? I can offer you a variety of different ways to learn the English language and prepare you in the best possible way to gain the associated qualifications with flying colours:

  1. General conversational English using the "Headway" teaching materials
  2. A more employment-oriented route, concentrating on the world of business and using the “International Express”
  3. At higher levels, we will use the "BEC" for Business English teaching materials

We offer the following teaching levels:

  • A1 (Breakthrough) / "Headway" or "International Express" Beginner
  • A2 (Waystage) / "Headway" or „International Express“ Elementary - Preparation for the "KET" certificate
  • B1 (Threshold) / "Headway" or „International Express“ Pre-Intermediate - Preparation for the "PET" certificate, "BEC Preliminary" with Preparation for the certificate of the same name
  • B2 (Vantage) / "Headway" or "International Express" Intermediate - Preparation for the "FCE" First Certificate of English, "BEC Vantage" reparation for the certificate of the same name
  • C1 (Effective Proficiency) / "Headway" or "International Express" Upper Intermediate with preparation for the "CAE" (Certificate of Advanced English), "BEC Higher" with preparation for the certificate of the same name

These teaching materials and their application in class will ensure that the content of the educational material required at this level is dealt with in full and that the students receive the optimum preparation for the certificate appropriate for that level.