Prestigious companies that operate on the international stage are counted among my current and former clients. This section also includes quotations from my students about their experience with us.

Mastertalk offers more than just a language:
Mastertalk also offers a Return on Investment.

Why do senior executives choose Mastertalk? Because Mastertalk operates professionally on the basis of extensive experience. Because these services are in demand. Because the Human Resources Departments in banks and other service providers can expect positive feedback from their employees. Mastertalk is the first choice for language lessons. Because foreign businesses only seek out language lessons that meet the highest standards. Mastertalk offers more than just language, Mastertalk offers a Return on Investment. The following are some new and former business clients of the Mastertalk language school:

  • Cilag Chemie (Johnson & Johnson)
  • General Motors
  • Kraft Foods Europe
  • Novo Nordisk Pharma AG

Other business references are available by request.

Former students report...

"I refer to my personal experience during six months as a student of the German language with my tutor Andy Oberholzer. My frame of reference is based on having participated in similar intensive language training courses during the past 13 years spanning five continents.The training offered by Mastertalk is of the highest standard. Key factors include significant experience with such training courses, excellent preparation, good understanding of the student's need and the process of learning. I find the course material always relevant and appropriate to the current level of competence."

David Meline

Referenz David Meline – Mastertalk Communication Services - Zürich

"I have had the opportunity to study, learn and apply German for two years under Andy's tutelage.He has been patient, firm and extremely flexible in his training and his handling of my learning needs. I have been able to improve substantially my ability to understand and use German in both social and business situations. I have had the opportunity to compare Andy's training with that of a formal educational experience (six years of Spanish), and of other professional companies. His approach is first-rate. Any student of his is lucky to have him."

Tony Cervone

Tony Cervone – Mastertalk Communication Services - Zürich

"I find Andy to be very professional, as well as helpful, courteous, and have an appropriate sense of humour and fun.He is very flexible to my requirements, so I can schedule my courses to fit in around my business needs; and in the event that I have urgent matters to attend to, he helps me in rescheduling my classes."

Andrew Higgins

Andrew Higgins – Mastertalk Communication Services - Zürich

"To potential language students: I am a native English speaker who has been a student of German with Andy Oberholzer for almost 2 years. I am not a natural linguist and always found language learning difficult and frankly tedious. Andy was able to motivate me to enjoy the learning experience with the right mixture of conversation and written work. lt says a lot about Andy' s teaching that I continued to take lessons for the whole period of my stay here in Switzerland.,I thoroughly recommend Andy to anyone who is contemplating learning a language here in Zurich."

Peter Charters

Peter Charters – Mastertalk Communication Services - Zürich